Routes | Get Optimized Driving to Multiple Destinations

Whether you're delivering challah and soup, Shalach Manos, Matzah or doing bikur bayis, getting to all your destinations in the fastest manner can be a challenge. Often, when looking at a report and trying to figure out which destination to visit in which order, you end up circling back to the same area unnecessarily causing frustration and wasting valuable time. This is especially true if you have volunteers who aren't familiar with your area. 

CMS Cloud Routes addresses this issue in a novel and intuitive way. With a few clicks you can generate optimized driving directions to a list of Families that you define. The destination points show up on a map which you can then print to take it with you or distribute to your volunteers.
To add this to your account:
  1. Get the Routing Module turned on for you.
    Send an email to requesting this feature to be turned on. There is no additional cost. When emailing, please be sure to include your login url (web-address) where you login to CMS Cloud.

    If you are using CMS Classic (desktop version) and would like to use this feature, you can!
    For a limited time, we are enabling CMS Classic users to take advantage of this new feature for free. Please email to for details.
  2. Setup and configure your Google Cloud Maps API. Details on doing this are here.
    While a credit card and billing info is required by Google as part of the setup, it is very unlikely that you will incur any fees for using this feature. 
    Google has pricing listed here but gives you an allowance of $200 free monthly usage. They state that "for most of our users, the $200 monthly credit is enough to support their needs."
  3. Start making optimized deliveries using this amazing tool.
    A complete walk-through can be found here.