Google Maps API Setup

General Steps:
  1. Create or Login to your Google Cloud account.
  2. Enable 5 APIs (Directions, Geocoding, Maps Embed, Maps JavaScript, Places).
  3. Enable Billing.
  4. Get your API Key.
Here are the details with screenshots.
  1. Create a Google Cloud account.
    Go to and click Get started for free.
    (if you already have an account, click Go to console and skip to step 3 below.)
Select a Country, Agree to the Terms of Service and click Continue.

Enter your contact and billing info, and click Start my free trial.

  1. Enable APIs

    Type "Maps" in the search bar and select "Google Maps Platform."

Enable the Directions API, Geocoding API, Maps Embed API, Maps JavaScript API and Places API. When you're done, clicking APIs on the left should show 5 enabled APIs.

  1. Configure and Enable Billing.

    In the Google Cloud Platform, Click Menu > Billing




    Enter an Account Name, choose your Country and click CONTINUE

    Enter your Credit Card Info and click SUBMIT AND ENABLE BILLING.

  2. Get your API Key

    Type "Credentials" in the search bar and select it.

    Click CREATE CREDENTIALS and select API KEY.

Now that you have your API Key, you can paste it into CMS Cloud.
Settings > Third Party Apps > Google Maps.