Updates Roundup 3/21/2021

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

Period: 3/1/2021 - 3/21/2021

What you may have missed if you weren't paying attention...
  • Send Route by email
    Implemented the ability to send an email to volunteer with a link to the route. Volunteer clicks link and driving directions to entire route opens in Google Maps app on his phone.
  • Delete Route
    Ability to delete a route. Click the red delete icon. 
  • Only shows points on route, all others are hidden.
    When viewing a Route, map-points not on the route will not be shown, even if they are checked off on the Category the Route is based on. To create additional Routes for those addresses remaining, switch back to the Category view.
  • Send FROM email address corrected. 
    Emails are now sent from the email address indicated in the Send Email, not a system email.
  • Save uncheck status on Categories
    When checking or unchecking Families in the Category View, the checked status is now correctly saved.
  • "Type ahead" auto fill for New Family address.
    While not directly related to Routes, it is a feature you get when you configure the Google Maps API, required for Routes.
    When you start typing an address, Google helps you by typing ahead and prefilling the rest of the Address, City State and Zip. This now works for the New Family page, in addition to the New/Edit Address section on the General Info tab.
If you're not yet using this amazing tool and would like to start, please email cloud@chabadms.com with a link to your CMS Cloud login page.
Reports, Letters and Invoices
  • Items are now available on a Bill Report.
    When making a Bill Report with Details, you can now choose to show the Item field on the report. This is in addition to being able to Total By and Subtotal By item. This is very useful when you want to show the report total by Family, but you want to see the Item in each detailed row.
  • Exclude from Transactions flag for email.
    You can now indicate that an email address should be excluded from sending Transaction related emails. This covers Receipts and Invoices, individual and batches, and Year End letters.
    This is useful when you have two primary family members on record each with an email address, but you don't want one of them to get notified of donations being made.
    Expand the Emails section and check the "Exclude from Transactions." 

  • Saved report loading zip codes bug fix
    When a saved report is based on multiple zip codes, opening the saved reports to make changes, now works correctly.
  • Year end letter. transaction list handles long check numbers correctly.
    Long check numbers (more than 10 characters) no longer overlap the next field. This was an issue for those who entered long "check" numbers such as the entire PayPal confirmation number in the check number field.
  • Batch Invoices sorted alphabetically.
    When generating Batch Invoices, they are now correctly sorted alphabetically. Generating Envelopes or Labels for the batch are also sorted as expected.
Online Forms Submissions 
  • Donor Covers Processing Fee
    Add this to your form giving your donors another way to increase their donation.
    Details here.

  • Submission Import. Blank address logic
    When a new submission does not have an address (for example, address was not required) but the submission was matched up to an existing record based on Last Name and email for example, the Primary address on record will now be used for this submission without you having to choose it manually.
  • Allow change items prices directly on form.
    When making changes to the Guest Reservation details, you no longer have to edit the Item prices in the Category setup. Rather, you can change the prices right there on the form. The Category setup still determines the default price each item will use, but it can now be modified easily.
Numerous other tweaks and fixes were done throughout that are not delineated here.