Updates Roundup April 2021

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

Period: April 2021

What you may have missed if you weren't paying attention...
Online Forms Submissions
  • Submissions that have the Guest Reservations will only show the Items that have been reserved. Qty 0 will not show.
  • Auto-matching logic has been enhanced so that if there is no address at all on the submission, the default address off a match (by name and mobile/email) will be used.
  • Phone Number matching (new/match) now discards the leading "1" making the match results more accurate. 
  • When matching submissions, the Company Name field will show along with the address.
  • Currency symbol has been added to all Amounts fields for the form. Support for other currency types such as Euro.
  • Google reCAPCHA: You are in control.
    • You can now set the score level required for the submission to pass. Settings > User > Organization. Recommended setting is 0.5. This is the default.
    • Score of the submission is now included in the email confirmation you receive. This is helpful in knowing what the score is for submissions coming through and helps you determine what score level you should set.
    • A donor who fails the silent reCAPTCHA v3 (their score is lower than the score level in your options), is now directed to pass the reCAPTCHA v2 ("I am not a robot").
  • When setting up a Guest Reservation element in a form, you can now modify the amount to change it from the Default amount of the Item. 
  • Non-active Categories/Subcategories will no longer show as option in Form Setup.
  • Display name has been standardized to be "Last, First" in all places.
  • When clearing a matched submission, the matched address is now cleared as well.
Reports and Exports
  • Added Quantity field to the CSV export for Bill type reports.
  • Added {{LongToday}} and {{TodayHebrew}} fields to the Yahrtzeit Email.
  • Added Plus4 to the Contact report exports.
  • Quantity now shows correctly on bill reports regardless of how it is being totaled or subtotaled.
  • Exporting bill report now works correctly with properly named columns.
  • Yahrtzeit Date field: Remove the time (12:00:00) that followed the Date.
  • Yahrtzeit Email {{AddressBlock}} field now correctly adds line breaks between the name, address and city/state/zip.
  • Fixed sorting issue for Envelopes and Labels in the Batch Invoices and Letters.
  • Fixed zip code lists and ranges saving in Contact Reports.
  • The error when attempting to delete a Family has been corrected. If Notes exist, prompt will ask how to deal with notes and offer to cascade-delete notes. Email Sent history is delete without prompt. 
  • Fixed overlapping controls in Phone and Email detail, including mobile view.
  • Corrected display of phone number when phone extension exists.
  • Removed the work "null" when no title, for selecting relationships in yahrzeit details.
  • Fixed issue with Recurring Charges Auto-Charge when set to Auto. Now correctly calculates sunrise and sunset times used for preventing charges from occuring on Shabbos and Yom Tov.
  • Route Planning: When sending driving routes by email, the FROM EMAIL and FROM NAME will be that of the logged in user. Default message will already contain the route link(s).