Reservation Report

Here are the steps to generate a report that shows a break down of Attendees and other Items you set up.
  1. On the Main Menu, click Reports > Transactions and click the New Report (+) button.
    This brings up the New Transaction Report window.

  2. Enter a name for the report (e.g. High Holiday Reservations).
  3. Change the Report Type to Bills.
  4. In the Criteria section,
    • Transaction Subcategory: Choose the Subcategory you set up for your event (e.g. Rosh Hashana).
    • Dates: Choose the date range for when reservations came in (e.g. current month).
      This is only needed if you used the same Subcategory for previous years.
  5. Click Next to go to the Preview page.

  6. Choose Item from the Total By drop-down.
  7. Click the SELECT COLUMNS button. Uncheck Category/Subcategory check box and check the Name and Quantity check boxes. Click OK.
  8. Click Export PDF.
Your report is now saved and the PDF is being prepared. As it's being prepared, a time icon is displayed.
When the pdf file is ready for download (usually in a few seconds), the icon will change to a download image.
Click the button to download and print your report.