2-Step Verification

Stronger Security for CMS Cloud

With 2-Step Verification, you'll protect your account with both your password and your phone.
2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys out, even if they have your password.

Signing in to your account will work a little differently

  1. You'll enter your password
    Whenever you sign in to CMS Cloud, you'll enter your password as usual.
  2. You'll be asked for something else
    Then, a code will be sent to your phone via text. You enter this code and you're in!

Keep sign-in simple -- Approved Devices

During sign-in, you can choose not to use 2-Step Verification again on that particular computer. From then on, that computer will only ask for your password and when you sign in.
You'll still be covered, because when you or anyone else tries to sign in to your account from another computer, 2-Step Verification will be required.
You can see a list of approved computers or devices where you have logged in from, and approve or revoke them.
Approved devices will not prompt you for entering the additional code.