Update Roundup Nov-Dec 2023

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

  • Change: Version 2 reports are made to be default.
  • Change: After an auto-charge event occurs and a card is declined, it will not be automatically reattempted unless the user manually checks that item.
  • Fix: Fixed error when submitting to a form if the Purpose field hasn’t been configured.
  • New: CSV Settings for international users, where delimiter needs to be a semicolon.
    Users who need this should reach out to tech support for assistance.
  • Fix: Date setting to mm/dd/yyyy now works in all areas.
  • New: Added UI functionality to resize an image in the email body editor.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where at times Birthday dates were showing one day ahead.
  • New: Added option for choosing which fields appear in the {{TransactionList}} field on a year end type letter.
    Users who need to modify the defaults should reach out to tech support for assistance.
  • New: Created the ability to share submission confirmation emails templates.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where bills that were split among different categories did not display the Amount Due correctly in the list.
  • Change: When entering a new Letter, the Letter Type is no longer editable. Make sure you are viewing the correct Letter Type before clicking New (new letter).
  • New Feature: Online Forms now allow for custom parameters which will automatically fill in the fields based on url parameters provided. (advanced)
  • Performance: Optimizing generating of Year End letters works up to 40% faster. 
  • New: Active setting added for Solicitors, Mailings, and other fields.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where the system only showed the first 10 Mailchimp tags.
  • Fix: Entering New Transaction appeared to overwrite top transaction on list. Needed refresh to display data correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the Year End Letter, where choosing to Exclude a category affected the TransactionList purpose. It now works as expected.
  • Fix: Batch Statements now correctly exclude fully paid bills when choosing a filter of Outstanding (the default).
  • Change: “Long Date” no longer includes the weekday.