Single Sign On for Support Tickets

Announcing full integration with our Support Tickets site.
Single Sign On (SSO) means you no longer need to login to our Support Website to view and create Support Tickets.
To access your Support Tickets, simply click the Help Menu (?) and choose Support Tickets.
The Support Tickets page will open and you will be automatically logged in.
If you access the Support Website directly (when not logged in to CMS Cloud), use the same email/password that you use for CMS Cloud to log in to the Support Website.
Our support website is
(Notice the "cloud" prefix. If you omit this prefix, you will be taken to the support page for CMS Classic / Desktop...)
Support Tickets for Each User
While in the past there was just one login to the Support Website for all users in your organization, now every user to your CMS Cloud has their own support login.
Also, email can be sent directly to from the email address used to login to CMS Cloud. When this is done, a Support Ticket will automatically be created in that user's Support Account.
As before, when our team responds to a Support Ticket the response will also be emailed. You can respond to tickets either online or via email.
Please note that with this change, we will no longer be accepting anonymous tickets. This means that if you are sending an email to with a support question, it must be sent from the email address you use to login to CMS Cloud. New Tickets can only be created via email by the primary CMS Support Login.
Emails received from any other email address won't be accepted by the system.