A statement combines multiple invoices into one document. Typically statements are generated monthly so you can send out any bills that are not paid. Payments applied to those bill will also appear on the statement.
Statement either be sent by email or printed.

When printing, you can generate labels or envelopes for the statement batch and you can use a saved letter template that is configured to use your stationery for the statement.
When sending emails, this letter template will prefill the email defaults (From Email, From Name, Subject and Email Body) and use your custom letterhead for the PDF attachment.
Generate Statements 
  1. On the Main Menu, click Batches > Invoices & Statements
  2. Click the New (+) button to create a new batch.
  3. Output: Choose PDF (for printing) or Email.
  4. Batch Type: Choose Statements
  5. Optionally, check Use Letter for Batch and choose a predefined letter.
    (See setup below #2 for details. If you don't select one, the invoice defaults #1 below will be used.)
  6. Optionally, limit the batch to various criteria (such as Transaction Categories).
  7. Click Next to go to the Preview tab and look over the list. You can optionally remove statements from the list and customize each email that is about to be sent.
  8. To Finish, click Download PDF or Send Emails.
Template Setup
Setting up your template in advance is important as it will help you generate your invoices and statements faster and avoid errors.
  1. Set your General Invoice Options
    Click Settings > Transactions > Invoice Options
    Here you can configure the From Email, From Name, Letter Subject, Email Body and Invoice Note. These defaults will be used whenever you generate invoices or statements if a Letter Template is not selected.
    You can also indicate whether to exclude future dates past x days. This affects both invoices and statements.
  2. Upload your stationery as a PDF Pledge type template.
    Remember that your stationery for invoices and statements should not have a side bar.
    • Click Settings > Transactions > PDF Templates
    • Click VIEW: PLEDGE so that you're only showing Pledge type PDF templates.
    • Click New (+) > Pledge and enter a Name (Stationery for example)
    • On the Page tab, click PDF Template to upload your stationery and set the margins accordingly. You can also choose a color if the default blue doesn't match your logo etc.. 
    • Click Preview to see the results and SAVE when done.
  3. Create Pledge Letter Templates
    • Click Settings > Transactions > Letter
    • Choose VIEW: PLEDGE so that you're only showing Pledge type letters. A pledge type letter is one that is associated with a bill (invoice).
    • Click New (+) to create a new letter.
    • Enter a Letter Name, From Email, From Name, Email Subject, Email Body.
    • Click PDF TEXT choose PDF Template you created in step 2 above.
    • You can also enter an Invoice Note which will show up on the bottom of your invoice or statement. The Invoice Note can be (for example): Be sure to check out our website for a full list of our ongoing classes and programs."
Please note that the Payment Link feature is not compatible with statements. Any Pledge Letters with the Payment Link will not be able to be used when generating statements.