Invoice Payment Form

Sending an email with a link to make payment makes the process of paying bills simple.

Here is how it works.
  1. From within the Bill, click Send Invoice.
  2. The email you send will include a link that the donor can click on to make a payment. (The email can also include the formal PDF invoice attached.)
  3. Donor clicks the link in their email and pulls up a special form which shows their contact info, the invoice number and the amount due. He then proceeds to submit payment. He can also modify the amount to be more or less than the amount initially displayed.
  4. You're notified by email about the payment made.
  5. The payment is automatically linked to this donor and applied to the bill. It only needs your approval.

Setup: There are two parts to the setup, creating the form and configuring the invoice letter email with the special link

  1. Click Settings > Web Forms Integration
  2. Click CREATE to create a new form.
  3. Give the form a name. "Invoice Payment" for example
  4. On the Settings tab, check the Invoice Payment check box. The Editor tab will change to Form View. Unlike a regular form, you do not put any Elements or Groups on this form. 
  5. Like any other form, choose a Department, enter Recipient and the wording the donor will see after submitting. You should also fill in the details on the Email Confirmation tab so that the donor will receive an email upon submitting.
  6. Save the form.
  7. Copy the HTML code so you can embed it in your website. If you've worked with other forms, you may notice that this HTML code is more elaborate than what a regular form has. Also, previewing this form will not show anything. It will only show info when used as a payment link.
  1. Click Settings > Transactions Module > Letters and choose to view PLEDGE letters.
  2. Click the New Letter button and fill in all the usual fields: (Letter Name,  From Email, From Name, and Subject).
  3. You can check Skip PDF Attachment if you don't want the email to include the formal invoice attached.
  4. In the Email Body, type the letter. This can be something like
    "Dear {{Salutation}}, Thank you so much for participating at our event. Attached is an invoice. To pay by credit card, please use the link below...."
  5. From the Fields drop-down, choose the PaymentLink field.
    When you do this, you are prompted to enter:
    • Text to display:
      this can say simply "Payment Link" or "Click here to pay"
    • To what URL should this link go:
      This is the page on your site where your form is.
      Note that this cannot be an alias or short path. It should be the final page where the form is actually being viewed on your site.
  6. Save the letter.
Now, whenever you enter a Bill, you can select this letter from the Letter drop-down and click Save and Send.
Unlike regular forms, the Auto-match process isn't needed for submissions that come in with the payment link. The system "knows" exactly who the donor is and which bill is being paid. You do still need to click Approve and Import. You can also (optionally) review how this is being applied and adjust the apply amounts if needed. This is especially useful when a bill as multiple subcategories and the donor did not pay the entire amount. This is done on the Apply tab when viewing the submission details.
A bill which has a credit card associated with it, cannot be paid using this form. If you do for some reason send out an email which includes a link to make payment, the form will display a notice to the donor that no payment is due because of the card that is on file. It is for the same reason that you can't apply a payment manually to a bill which is scheduled to get auto-charged.