Gift Tracking Module

Track gifts that you give or distribute to your Families.

Gift Setup
  • Click Settings > Gifts Module
  • Enter gifts as needed. Gift Name, Value, Note.
Gifts can also be made inactive so that gifts that you used in the past but no longer use can be retained but won't show up in other areas.
Enter a Gift Record
  • Go to the Family you are giving a gift to.
  • On the Gifts tab, click New (+), select the gift, enter a date and a note (optional).
  • Click Save.
You can also edit or delete existing gift records.
When you're viewing a specific Family, the gifts you gave that family are shown.
When you're viewing Gifts on the Main Menu, all the gifts you gave all families are shown.
You can enter a Gift record from the Gifts on the Main Menu.
  • Click New (+) and choose New (Single Gift).
  • Choose the Family, select a gift, enter a date and a note (optional).
  • Click SAVE.
Batch Gift Entry
You can enter Gift records to a group of Families based on a Family Category.
This is useful when, for example, you are sending out a mailing of gifts.
  • On the Main Menu, click Gifts.
  • Click New (+) and choose New Batch 
  • Select the Family Category, select a gift, enter a date and note (optional)
  • Click Save.
Gift records will be added to all the families who are in the Category.
Contact Reports based on Gift history
You can make reports based on whom you gave or didn't give gifts to. The reports can be based on which gifts, over a time frame you choose, and can be based on a single gift or a total number of gifts.
These reports can be mixed with Transaction criteria as well.
Some report examples:
  • Who did not get a gift in the last 2 years?
  • Who contributed more than a total of $500 but did not get a matza last year?
  • Who received 3 or more gifts in the last 2 years, but hasn't made a contribution yet.
  • Get a list of those whom you sent or didn't send Honey (a gift) to this year.
To access the Report Gift Criteria 
  • On the Main Menu, click Reports > Contacts (check v2 at the top right).
  • Click New (+)
  • Click Show More Criteria and scroll down
  • Click the Edit button for Gifts