Importing Submissions

Submissions that come through your website can be automatically matched up and imported to your CMS Cloud.
Here are the steps in short.
When you see submissions on the Dashboard, click the form that has submissions.
  1. Click AUTO MATCH.
  2. Review and Approve the submissions.
  3. Click IMPORT.

What follows is a more detailed description on how this works (with screenshots) and discusses the various options available in the review process.
Whenever a submission is made on your website via a CMS Connected form, the submission is handled by CMS Cloud and then placed in the Submissions area. It is waiting for your approval and import.
The import does not have to be done each time a submission is made; it can be done when more submissions accumulate or periodically (on a weekly basis for example).
If the form included payment, the donor's card was already charged. It's only a matter of importing the records into the database.
On the Dashboard, each form that has submissions is listed with the number of submission.
Click on the form you want to go to the list of submissions.
Click the Auto Match button. Matches are checked for all submissions on the page. Matches are based on Last Name (exact match) and one of the following:
  • Address, partial match (street name and zip/postal code)
  • Email, exact match.
  • Phone, exact match (but ignoring spaces, dashes and other non-numeric info).
When a submission is matched the contact icon turns blue (as with Oldman, Gary in the screenshot above. Otherwise, the icon is black.
Step 2. Review and Approve
While it is possible to just click the Approved button without examining the matched results, we strongly advise against this practice so as to avoid having duplicate info in your database. 
It can happen that the donor's name is misspelled in your database or other reasons that can cause a submission not to be matched.
It is also possible that the submission is matched to the wrong person if two people with the same last name live on the same street.
Reviewing and approving the submissions gives you a chance to see how the submission is matched, and to modify the match result.
Click the Expand button (or anywhere on the submission) to show the matched status on each part of the submission.
(clicking on the Collapse button (or anywhere on the submission header) will hide the matched details.)
The Status column shows a "M" or "N" for Matched and Not Matched. To manually match a submission that is not matched, begin typing the last name in the Family field of the Matched column. When you locate the name, click on it. The Status will change to "M" for Matched.
You can do the same for Address, Email and Phone where applicable.
If a submission is not matched, importing the submission will create a new Family. If a family is matched, the submission will be associated with the existing matched family.
It is possible that the family is matched but the Address is a new address. In this case, the new address will be added to the matched family. The same applies to same a new Email and a new Phone number.
Existing data is never updated for a Matched submission. For example, if the Address matched (based on Street and Zip) but the house number is different or the City/State is spelled differently, the existing data will not be updated.
After making any Changes to the matched results, click SAVE CHANGES.
When you're done reviewing a submission, click the Approved check box for that submission.
Step 3. Click IMPORT
At any point, you can click the IMPORT button. All submissions that are Approved will be imported.
If you have more than 10 submissions pending, we recommend that you do no more than one page (10 submissions) at a time.
This is especially important when you have a new donor who submitted more than one donation. When you notice this, be sure to approve and import the his first donation. Then Auto-match the subsequent donations to his now-existing record. This will avoid having duplicates in your database.