Move Transactions

Moving Transactions from one Family to another might need to be done in the following examples:
  • There are duplicate families in your database.
  • Two individuals are getting married and you want their transaction history combined.
While doing this manually of course is possible, it can be a tedious and time consuming process, especially when there are many payments  Furthermore, receipt and invoice numbers will not be retained when manually deleting and reentering the transactions, and if the payments have already been deposited it makes the process all the more tedious.
To move the Transactions automatically, follow these simple steps.
  1. Go to Settings > Transactions Module Setup > Move Transactions.
  2. Select the From and To Family and Address.
  3. Optionally, click Move Notes if you also want to move the Notes to the To Family.
  4. Click Move Transactions.
You will shown the number of transactions to be moved and asked to confirm.
Important Notes:
  • All Transactions, bills and payments will be moved from the From Family to the To Family. There is no undo.
    You can potentially move all transactions from one person to a completely unrelated Family. Be sure to read the confirmation message carefully before clicking Yes.
  • If any of the families have multiple addresses, only the Transactions of the Address you select in the From Address will be moved. They will be moved to the (Family and) Address you select in the To Address. 
  • You can only select Current Addresses. If you need to move Transaction From/To an address that is not Current, you can use the following workaround:
    • Edit that address and check the Current check box.
    • Move the Transactions.
    • Edit the address again and uncheck the Current check box.
  • Moving Transactions (and Notes) will not delete any data from the From Family. It simply moves the Transactions (and Notes). Contact info is not merged. You might consider deleting the From Family manually after the move is complete.
  • For security reasons, Authorize.Net Payment Profiles (where credit card and eCheck info are securely saved) linked to the Transactions (bill or payment) being moved will not be transferred to the To Family.

    This is especially important to be aware of when moving recurring pledges as you will need to manually create a New Credit Card or eCheck Payment Profile under the Credit Cards tab of the To Family and then associate the Payment Profile with the bill so that future charges will continue to be done automatically.
  • If any of the Transactions are specific to Him or Her, this precision will be lost when moving to the To Family.
  • If Notes are included in the Move, notes associated with a particular Member will be moved but will no longer be associated to the specific family member. They will appear as notes in the Family.