Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts are used for making Deposits. Deposits are made into a Bank Account.
To create a Bank Account, click Settings > Transactions Module > Bank Accounts.
You can create a new Bank Account, and Edit or delete an existing account.
Below is a list of fields in the Bank Account.
  • Account Name: the name of the account. This is the only field that is required.
  • Bank Name: The  name of the bank (Chase, BOA, etc.)
  • Account Number: The bank account number. This number will show up on your Deposit Slip quick report.
  • Department: If you use more than one Department, choose which department this Bank Account is for. When entering a Deposit in this Bank Account, only Payments of this Department will be available to be deposited. If you use one bank account for multiple departments, leave this field blank.
  • Primary: Check this box to designate this Bank Account to be your primary account. This account will show up by default when viewing Deposits.
  • Closed: Check this box to indicate that this bank account is closed and no longer used. Closed accounts will not show up in the Deposit window. If there are no Deposits made into that account yet, you should delete the account rather than close it.
  • Auto Next: Check this box to have the system assign a deposit number automatically to each Deposit being made in this Bank Account.
  • Next Number: Use this field to specify a starting number for the next deposit.