Add Yahrtzeits

How to enter Yarhtzeit Info.
Before starting, be sure to be in the individual record of the person who is deceased.
  1. Click the Edit button and check the Deceased check box.
  2. Click the ADD YAHRTZEIT button

  3. Enter the deceased date. It's best to enter the full English date if you know it and allow the system to calculate the Hebrew Date. Check the After Dark check box if the time of death was after dark so that the Hebrew Date will be moved to the next day.
    If you don't know the full English date, you can enter the just the Hebrew month and day.
  4. At the bottom, be sure to enter relatives to notify.
    Choose the person to notify, and specify the relationship between the deceased that person (e.g. Father/Son).

    Be sure to check the Notify check box for those relatives you want to sent notices/reminders.