Manage Credit Cards

Manage Credit Cards
This tool enables you to better handle following up with donors in renewing their monthly pledges before the pledge expires, and seeing whose card expired or is expiring soon.
When clicking Pending Charges on the Main Menu, there are three tabs. General, Completed and Card Expiring.
Date Period drop-down is available on all tabs. This is where you can choose Now, 30 Days, 60 Days or 90 Days and it affects on what is displayed.
  1. General tab
    This is where you see the cards that are scheduled to be charged. Choosing a period other than Now will show you cards that are scheduled ahead of time. This can give you a glimpse of what to expect will be coming in over the next 30, 60 or 90 days for example.

    Auto Charge Setting: If you set this option to AUTO, you will not be able to manually charge the pledges that come up on this list. The cards are charged automatically without any of your involvement.
    Even if you have this setting set to MANUAL, if you are viewing future dates in the Date Period (30,60,90), you will also not be able to charge cards.
    This setting is in the Schedule module.
  2. Completed
    This shows you a list of recurring pledges that have completed but not yet been renewed. Your goal here is to get them renewed. Any pledge that has a schedule (more than one detail) associated with a credit card will show up here if it hasn't been renewed. 

    You can Dismiss items from this list (where the donor won't be renewing), or you can Snooze an item to a later date (where the donor may have said to contact him later).
    You can also, Renew the pledge with a single click. When renewing a completed pledge, the defaults (start date, category, amount etc.) are loaded based on the pledge being renewed. These defaults can be changed before the new bill (pledge record) is created.

    The Date Period in this case will give you "Completed" pledges that are not yet complete, if for example you show 30 Days. This can help you in contacting the donor to get the pledge renewed before it is completed. Waiting until a pledge is completed to follow up may cause a lapse (you don't always get through). Having the ability to see future expiring pledges (30 days, 60 days, 90 days), should help give you a head-start on the pledge renewals.
  3. Card Expiring
    Credit cards have expiration dates. At times, the donor might get a new card and at times it will be just a new expiration date. You might have current pledges that aren't expiring, but the card associated with the pledge is expiring (30, 60, 90 days) or has expired (Now).
    You can edit the card info directly from this tab.
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