Family Categories Setup

Family Categories give you a way to categorize your Families. Examples of Categories can be Shabbos, Holidays, Kosher, Women, Camp, etc. Having your Families categorized give you the ability to generate lists, labels, emails, and more based on these categories.
To setup your categories, click Categories on the main menu.
Categories are organized into levels. You can create sub-categories and sub-sub-categories etc.
Levels allow your categories to be organized into logical groups.
To create a new category or subcategory, right click any Category and choose Create Category or Create Sub-category. You can also rename or remove a category or sub-category.
The category list supports drag-and drop to move a category into a subcategory of a different category. So for example, if you have separate categories called Shul and Minyan, and you want that the Minyan category should be a subcategory of the Shul category, you can simply drag the Minyan category and drop it under the Shul category.
Any families that were categorized as Minyan will still be. The only change is that Minyan is now a subcategory of Shul.
When clicking on any Category, the right pain will show a list of Families in that category.